Hankodori - Bubble tea / Boba Friends
Hankodori - Bubble tea / Boba Friends
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Hankodori - Bubble tea / Boba Friends

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From Hankodori:

I made a rubber stamp from the imprint of my hand-carved a hand-drawn illustration stamp

Find your favorite ink color and printing method
Please use it happily ♪

Imprint size / length 25 mm x width 38 mm
Stamp size / length 30 mm x width 40 mm x height 17 mm (including rubber stamp)
* Since the handle uses natural wood, the expression will differ depending on the product. It has a groove for easy holding.

* Items other than stamps are not included in the product

[About rubber stamps]
This is the imprint of the work that was originally created by carving an eraser with a chisel. It is made into a rubber stamp at a specialized factory. 

Designed by Hankodori

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