About Us : The Stationery Selection Team

Hello and Konnichiwa from Tokyo, Japan! 

My name is Mitsuko, but many call me, "Mits".  

Originally from Canada, when I moved to Japan, I fell in love with the quality stationery goods that the shops here were offering.  I wanted to share the stationery items with fellow friends worldwide and decided to start a stationery subscription service.

I started with 20 boxes back in 2017 and now with the help of my brother in law, Kotaro, we are now a 2 team business, shipping our stationery boxes all over the world. We initially started with just a monthly subscription service, but we have slowly expanded to offering some of my stationery favorites for purchase in our online shop. 

I try my best to support smaller stationery companies and include their items in the boxes when I can.  Many of these smaller companies have been in the business for decades and are truly passionate about their craft and their product.  It is a great honor to be able to share these gems with friends all around the world. 

Our goal is to put together cohesive stationery sets to help facilitate the love and appreciation for quality stationery goods.  Items that will help bring back bits of analogue into your daily life.  We hope that you enjoy the items and that they bring you joy. 

Sending our love from Tokyo, Japan

The Stationery Selection Team