Hankodori はんこどり 0121 - Bird
Hankodori はんこどり 0121 - Bird
Hankodori はんこどり 0121 - Bird
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Hankodori はんこどり 0121 - Bird

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From Hankodori:
I carved a hand-drawn illustration stamp and made it into a rubber stamp as it is.
You can enjoy it alone or in combination with other stamps. Words Messages and cards, letters, wrapping, stickers, notebooks, calendars, sticky notes, notebooks, schedule books, coasters, napkins, etc. Just have fun!

Imprint size / length 35 mm x width 24 mm
Stamp size / length 30 mm x width 40 mm x height 17 mm (including rubber stamp & handle)
* Since the handle uses natural wood, the expression will differ depending on the product. It has a groove for easy holding.

[About rubber stamps]
This is the imprint of the work that was originally created by carving an eraser with a chisel. It is made into a rubber stamp at a specialized factory. 

Designed by Hankodori

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