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 What a crazy time we went through and at many places still going through. Hopefully you and your friends and family are safe. Like most of the people I spent much time at home and was so happy when my The Stationery Selection Box arrived for the month of April. As some of you might know, I love to put things to another use and to play with my stationery in a creative way.

For me the notebook was the "main character" in that box, so I thought about what to do with it.  And Mits did such an amazing job again by selecting items fitting together so well.

I love the Soshi Notebook so much! It's crying to be taken out for fieldnotes as it's not too big and the thread binding (all done by hand), allows the book to lie flat on the table. It comes with a nice protection cover and the edges are coated with colour, so it's well protected from getting dirty on the edges too. Isn't that clever?! I wanted to play with the cover on cover thingy, so an idea came to my mind. The Liberty HK dictionary rubber stamp is perfect to make an "inspiration" notebook out of the book.

I used the background paper of the sticker pack to stamp down the text.
Let the ink dry before you touch the imprint.
Use the wooden stamp for marking the area you want to cut out. I used a knife, but you can also use scissors. Use the piece of paper you cut out to get an idea which size the dictionary piece should have you will put behind the square you cut out.  Finally put glue on the edges to fix it on the cover.

The paper in the book is so smooth and it also allows you to use wet drawing techniques.

For the sketch you see in the pictures above I used the Pentel PulaMan Pen that came with the kit. It's a dark green which looks almost black but when you use some water with it, you got some nice effects.


As you can see the paper is ghosting but you don't have any bleeding through.

- Katrin @katrinsizu

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