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Hello or "Moin, Moin" as we say here. I hope you have been doing well and are safe in those crazy times. Today I have another mini-tutorial for you with the September Box. It's easy and quick to do and so handy for taking little paper bits with you. All you need on top are some paper scraps, a sturdy scrap of paper (maybe the cover of a magazine, a cereal box...), a stapler and scissors.

First, use the ruler and draw a line around it. Cut out the shape. Now you have a piece of paper same size as the ruler.

Make a little folding on one end of the paper like shown in the pic and cut the edges. It's the little section holding the papers and also the closing where you can slip in the other end of the cover paper strip.

Fix the papers with a staple. Now you can slip in the other end of the cover and give it the final fold.

The fun fact is that the stamp perfectly fits on the cover. Or you can also stamp some papers with it in the inside of the tiny booklet.

You can also try other stuff, like sticker paper where you can store tiny stickers or foil where you can carry some masking tape samples with you.

Be creative and have fun. I hope you liked the little tutorial. Please stay safe.

Katrin @katrinsizu

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