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I started a few journals in 2020 and there was this only one I did not missed a page and finished the whole book – 300-day record notebook (깊은시간 기록장 - 이야기) from a Korean brand livework. Since 2020 nearly comes to an end, I think it would be a good idea for me to show you some of my favourite spreads to wrap up this bittersweet year.

I had several obsessions in the past year, which I always utilized in my journals.

First is the hole puncher and the golden eyelets!

With them, I can easily attach paper bits/ ribbons/ fabrics together with a neat and classy look. It added some kind of bulkiness to my journal but it did not really bother me. I like it more when compared to simple staples.

(left) punching a hole on a self-printed ribbon is a bit difficult than I expected as it might break apart if not being careful

(left) punching a hole on a self-printed ribbon is a bit difficult than I expected as it might break apart if not being careful

Second is the instax mini films.

The livework journal has a size of 113*180mm, which I easily paste mini films either horizontally or vertically without any composition/ layering issues.

I did not only use pure white films to decorate my spreads, I used some other soft colours like black, pink, sky blue etc – which sets the mood of the particular spread.

Another little discovery I want to share is, rub-on/ print-on stickers can go super well with the fuji films. I used to hand-write some captions / quotes at the margin on the fuji films and that was not easy as you need to find a suitable pen that does not smudge afterwards or writes smoothly on the slightly rough surface.  Over the past year, there were so many rub-on stickers launched – MU, Mr Eggplant, Pion, My Green Green Island etc. So I really made very frequent use of them on my mini films – they turned out to be exactly how I had wanted!

(left) colour of pink – setting the mood for the week of valentine’s day (with Mr. eggplant rub-on stickers on fuji film). (right) colour of white – matching the brown tone in the fuji photo to give a calm & peaceful spread

Third, stamps.

Whenever I do not know what to add on a spread, or am simply out of ideas, I always start with stamping.  Stamps of words, numbers, and punctuation marks became a major element in my 2020 journals.

(left) mr eggplant alphabet set stamp & TSS original stamps as background or fillers of the spread (right) nudobamnamoo’s handwriting transparent stamp “journaling”

Hope you have enjoyed my little sharing!

And in upcoming posts, I will keep showing you all more about some indie stationery/ design brands as well as how I would incorporate The Stationery Selection selected items into my 2021 journals. See you

Kenry @canrie

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