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For some of you might have already known, I work as a baker & a baking instructor.  So when I am not journaling, I normally get stuck with my measuring spoons and mixers for most of the time in a day. But luckily, I get quite a lot of chances to play with my stationery goodies during my work - designing a baking workshop or creating a recipe. 

Recipes for my workshops & my work planner – muji 2017-18.

I use MUJI planner as my work planner as it’s simple in design and functional. Nothing fancy or decorative, I schedule my workshops and mark wedding cake / sweet table projects on its monthly pages and jot down daily routine or important reminders on weekly pages.

For my mostly used recipes and baking notes/ tips, I’ve sorted and written them all out in my Moleskine  [navy | dotted] notebook instead. It’s got a soft leather cover which makes it handy for me to use it around my studio. 

I love adding different paper materials / note pads onto my recipe notebook to make it less boring :p

When I try to create a new menu (recipe), I always go through a couple of recipe books and websites. Instead of immediately putting them down in my Moleskine notebook, I would draft all my findings on some scrap papers or note pads e.g. Kokuyo Free Cut Memo Pad included in the May’s box of The Stationery Selection, or this month’s Maruai Sticky Paper Pad, and wait til I actually test them out to make sure they work perfectly. One good thing about using cute note pads is, I can directly stick them back onto my Moleskine notebook if the recipes passed! Time’s saved for copying!

Another item which I really love using is the Classiky recipe card. It is sectioned in 3 parts of which I can respectively list the ingredients, the required quantity and the most importantly, sketch how the pastry / cake should look like.

Tore a small strap out of the Free Cut Memo Pad and used it as a label.

How I visualized my lemon meringue tart on a Classiky recipe card.

Apart from developing new menu, my other major job duty would be organizing baking workshops. I do admit that normally I don’t really plan my workshop in such a fancy way, using Midori Letterpress Letter Paper like here. But since I got it from this month’s box, why not?! And hopefully I can inspire you some of you whom wondered what you could do with this letter set if you do not often write letters.

A lesson plan made for my future milk tea/ egg tart baking class.

Love this hexagonal post-it tag (by .

The Hallmark World Ticket Letter Pad is amazing, but I’m still thinking how I can use it.

See you all in my next post with more interesting ideas in October!


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