Log-on 20th Anniversary – Log-on Carnival in Hong Kong | Blog Post by Kenry

This summer, Log-on is again launching a few special-edition traveler's factory products to mark their 20th anniversary of establishment in Hong Kong. It lasted from 24 July through 8 Aug. Of course I did not miss the chance to check out this grand event!

The Manual Factory Bear is definitely the VIP at this carnival. You can see it in different forms anywhere. How adorable are they!

I stayed pretty controlled this time (unlike previous year with the launch of Mister Softee products..) because the MF bear is less culturally-related to me relatively. But anyway I found some other interesting products as well:

(left) I did not get the whole set of the luggage stickers because they are somehow quite big for using in planners.

(right) TN regular inserts which everyone was craving. Amazing design.

If you’re a regular of Travelers’ Factory events, you must know they always prepare a specific stamp for visitors to play with. How could anyone ever miss it ? And again it’s the MF bear with red ink. I brought myself various papers (of different texture) and stamped a lot, of course.


Before I end this post, I just want to share how I decorated the ULINE cotton mailing pouch from July’s box with MU Print-on stickers (specially for fabric) and a pair of cute pins I got from a small shop in Korea. And now it becomes my little pouch for olive TN

Out of all other items in the box, I’ve longed for the Sailor Shikiori Marker (四季織) because it’s hard to get one in Hong Kong. I am so happy that I get to try one before considering buying the full set. How do you find yours? Which colour is your favourite? ^^

Kenry @canrie

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