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February box seems to be another most practical and handy one at my workplace - Twiggy Scissors, glue stick, Midori mesh pouch etc. And the biggest surprise undoubtedly was the Kokuyo Jibun Techo Template in Plan (as I just started using Jibun business for organizing my work-related matters this year!)

Many of you should be quite familiar with Jibun Techo diary already. The one I’m using is a black-covered Jibun Biz which is specially designed for use in business setting – simple font and colour scheme (different from the colourful layout of Jibun Techo diary)

A page of the weekly (vertical timeline) spread

I do not have much decoration for my work planner. I mainly write with my SARASA mark on pen in black ink (from previous TSS box) for all the appointments, reminders and to-dos. But I do sometimes highlight something important with simple dot stickers / stamps. 

Now with the Template in Plan, it further helps me to utilize this planner in an efficient and clear way:

  • Arrows – indicating the duration of appointments / meetings
  • Round check boxes – listing “today’s cake” daily
  • Rectangular boxes & dotted lines – setting petition / boundary of some important notes


I love using the little round check boxes for reminding myself what types of cakes we’ve got to prepare for the day.

These rectangular-shaped boxes are the best for marking down our part-time’s schedules! (although originally intended for A5 slim and B6 slim techo’s use – but the size still works fine on mine.)

February box included quite a number of “ordinary” stationery goodies like the glue stick, twiggy scissors, slip-on pen which, to be honest, are the things I mostly look forward to because they are really something I can put into use in my daily life (now or later). Hope all of you enjoyed this month’s box like I did

Kenry @canrie

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