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Not long ago, I received two amazing books – Pooi- Chin – Love for Journal: The ultimate mystery of stationery (Pooi Chin, 2018) and One Day One Page (Nudobamnamoo, 2018) and am totally in love with both of them. There are so many good tips and useful information about journaling, decorating and creating. And… the most surprising part to me must be the practice pages for brush lettering!

I’ve been “stalking” nudobamnamoo’s instagram for quite some time and I’m especially interested in her brush lettering style which she adopted in her midori’s diary. And here comes the golden chance for me to self-learn and practice with the Tomoe River Paper Pad from this month’s box.

Starting with “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…”

The paper is thin and smooth, so it’s a great material for using with brush pens. Although Nudobamnamoo suggested using Pentel sign pen, I used the Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen – Fine instead (from last month’s box). The tip of the brush part is relatively fine and firm so it’s quite easy for me (as a beginner) to control writing on the Tomoe paper.

Another good thing about the paper is its thinness so I can directly place the paper on top of the practice page and carefully trace the brush letter strokes without any difficulty. It’s really a good way to learn a certain lettering style from the start. And don’t you worry about the bleeding issue, because it’s never a problem even I sometimes accidentally press the brush too hard on the paper.

The paper absorbed the ink pretty fast. (Right) I doddled a bit with the preppy fountain pen from Jan’s box as well. No smudges and no bleeding occurred.

There’s still so much room to improve my brush lettering and I hope I can write it freely on my midori diary one day soon!

Amazing midori magnolia stamp for decorating my feb’s spread of midori diary.

- Kenry @canrie on Instagram

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  • Roxy on

    Those books are on my wish list and been trying to search the internet for them. Where did you get yours? I know there’s a new Taiwan Magazine that shows the works and features a lot of TN users. Also trying to figure that one out as well

  • Linda on

    Those books are both on my wish list, I hope to get them from the beautiful stationery stores in Penang Malaysia when we travel next month.

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