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Spring has finally arrived and the weather is finally getting better around here in Germany. 
March has been a super busy month for me. A lot of birthday celebrations, so many visits and stay-overs. I love busy days, but after 3 weeks of not seeing my craft room expect for making birthday garlands and cake toppers, I really longed for quiet days again. 

Almost every time I take a longer craft break, I have problems to get back to it. All my routines are gone. My craft space is a mess and while I was crafting in it I knew where to find all the things in the mess, but now - weeks later - I’m way more searching than crafting. Happy mails are piling up. Most of them not really opened yet. Weeks I have to journal about are piling up as well. Phew….
This month’s box came just in the middle of those busy weeks. So being in a creative block I had no idea what to write about. Even though I loved everything in it: The stickers and little cards - perfect for journaling and letter writing, envelopes for happy mails, the cat plate - perfect for holding little things on your desk. But my most favorite item was without of doubt the Fragile stamp!!!

So my first tip for overcoming a creative block: Take a couple of things (your favorite craft supplies e.g.) and try to create something just with them.

I did a journaling page about this month’s stationery selection box. I love to do this and it’s quite easy. Doing a little collage with the items of the box, a little drawing or just putting stickers together. Not that hard and you immediately get to fill a page in your journal. :)
Collage of the March’s box in my MD journal.
My second tip: Start with something creative you are good at. For me that is wrapping and decorating. :) I wrote a little note on the card and decorated the envelope. I always use different stamps, dried flowers and wax seals for decorating. As the envelope is so tiny I used a seal from a former box and printed just one of the three clovers. Creating something I feel confident in immediately got me back into crafting.
Decorating the gorgeous little cards.
Last but not least, look at your own creations (or others) to get inspired. So I browsed through my instagram feed and decided to collect all stamp sticker making ideas. I absolutely love the stamp of the box and the stickers I made look so pretty with the stamp! I made a video of making four different types of stickers: 
  • Stamp on sticker paper (normal or clear) and cut it out. I love to make such flake stickers with my self-carved stamps and share it with my penpals.
  • Stamp on sticker paper and use a paper punch for differently shaped stickers.
  • Stamp on already cut out stickers. A combination of different stamps look really nice to create collage style stickers. I love to use the chamil garden stamps from former stationery boxes for this.
  • Make your own tape. I thought the fragile stamp on scotch tape would look great for sealing happy mails. :) 
By the way for the clear sticker paper as well as the scotch tape the StazOn ink pads work best, as they dry completely and don’t smear. 
Flake stickers - normal and in different shapes.
Collage style stickers and hand-stamped scotch tape.
Hopefully I gave you some inspiration with this blog post! Have fun creating with all the gorgeous supplies you get from The Stationery Selection box. 
Please share your creations with the hashtag #thestationeryselection! I would love to see them!
Yoojin @paperpilea

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    Love these ideas!

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