Shipping updates for USA stationery box subscribers

Konnichiwa, I hope you are doing well. I sent out an email, but I thought I should also post here, just in case you are not following via email. 

The March 2021 stationery box (both for subscription or for one-off purchase), will be available to purchase on March 17, 2021 Japan time.  If you sign up for email restock notification, you will receive an email the moment the box is available.  (A friendly reminder to make sure our email address is marked as safe, since many times they end up in the junk-mail folder).  

And lastly, this notice is only for those living in the US and are currently subscribed to the monthly stationery box.

We have tried our best to prolong this for as long as we could, but sadly, we will need to update our shipping costs. Since starting this business in 2017, we have not adjusted the shipping costs at all and have actually been absorbing the extra shipping costs once we started offering DHL/FedEx last year.  Sadly, we can no longer sustain these extra costs if we are to continue this business, so we have made the difficult decision to increase the shipping costs.

Currently the shipping cost is $10 USD per month, but this will be increased to $12.49 USD every month. The $14/month upgraded shipping will be removed and all USA subscription customers will have the $12.49/month rate (unless you have chosen Fedex/DHL).  We will still continue to ship your boxes out to you every other month, via DHL.  There is nothing that needs to be done on your end.  The first automatic bill payment with the updated $12.49 USD shipping cost will be on February 20, 2021.

I know this message may not be the happiest, but I have tried my best to prolong this shipping price increase.  My ultimate goal has not changed during these years in business; it is getting you these quality stationery finds, for you to enjoy your life with stationery goods - that hasn’t changed.  I hope you can understand this shipping increase and encourage you to reach out to me if you want to discuss it further. 

We are always so very grateful for your continued support! Arigatou!

Please stay safe and take care,


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  • Julie on

    Hi, I start to receive air small packet from JP post again. Is this the method you use before pandemic? It really hurts with the increased shipping cost, but I understand from a business standpoint, it is what it is. Just wondering, if JP post starting to resume some of its services to US, might we go back to receiving boxes monthly rather than every other month? Thank you.

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