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Starting November every year, I become really busy because it’s the peak season for weddings and birthdays. There is no exception for 2018, and what’s more, I just moved my studio and opened a café in the same month (I still find it hard to believe myself it’s actually happening!) To be honest, I barely touched my planner for almost a month, not until the November box from The Stationery Selection arrived at my doorstep.

And I know I should let myself take a break from work (baking) and play around with the stationery goodies for a bit.

The most eye-catching items – Shin-nippon Calender (left) and Knoop Works Stamp (right)

Love almost every single item in this box which is full of my-kind-of-style goodies. I love hand stamps and have been collecting different hand stamps of different brands (or designers) for quite a while. They are super “handy” for decorating spreads on planners, and my collection continues to expand (thanks to TSS box :p)

My hand stamps collection with the shimmery black ink pad from the box

Have you started using your 2019 MD Notebook Diary A5 already?

 So a few days ago, I took out my 2019 MD Notebook Diary A5 (from Oct’s box) and tried to do a set up for (upcoming) Dec 2018. As usual, I went for a clean and minimal style (majorly black and white for this month) and I quite like how it turned out in the end. Since November 2018, to myself, is an important milestone in my life (and career) so I also dedicated a blank page at the back to mark it down.

I wanted to keep this spread minimal and clean, by layering some paper bits and a fuji instax of a snap of a corner of the café. For sure I am going to put down a few lines of personal feelings on those empty space later.

A charm for my olive TN!

Another surprise would definitely be the Maruai Mizuhiki Charm. I know this brand and I even gifted one of these charms (mt fuji shaped) to my friend before but I never saw this one! You may use it as a gift tag but I just love it so much that I would not gift it away (so it will now stay with my TN forever :p) 

Speaking of gifts, the Midori Chotto Thin Paper Wrap helps me with the Christmas preparation! If you find the glassine paper colour slightly too sharp, you may use it inside out (like what I did) for a more subtle and airy effect. Then wrap the gift with a patterned paper strap and it’s ready to go!

Although November seems the busiest month, I look forward to preparing some happy mail for my pals and get them sent out before the holidays started. Hopefully I can share some more ideas on that next time. See you next time!

Kenry @Canrie


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