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In Hong Kong, we don’t have a lot of small local stationery shops, which specifically sell rubber stamps, stickers, decorative pieces of particular brands, except big stores like eslite and log-on. So I always think to myself, how I can promote all these beautiful stationery to Hong Kong mass?

Being invited by a local select shop A Nice Place To (@aniceplaceto) not long ago, I got the chance to participate in the travel journaling/stationery exhibition as well as to hold a stationery pop-up from 30 June to 12 July.

Thanks to The Stationery Selection’s help, I were able to display some popular items from the previous boxes e.g. notepad, midori masking stickers, postcards etc. The pop-up consists of small indie stationery designed and made in Korea and Japan, that I’d like to introduce and share with other local stationery lovers.

Besides the pop-up, each artist exhibited her own craft desk and here’s an upgraded replica (tidy version) of my desk (left photo). This little wooden shelf is my favourite piece, as always (right photo).

During my travel journaling sharing sessions and DIY postcard workshops, I got to know a lot of new friends who love travel journaling and stationery, which is absolutely so much fun. I demonstrated how I normally do planning and layering on spreads (page) or calendars – with my six major principles:

  • Textured papers (any paper type which is different from your page)
  • Pattern stickers (round or irregular shape) or photo stickers (to illustrate happenings)
  • Washi (torn/ intact)
  • 3D elements (AVRIL yarn, dried flowers, sealing wax)
  • Stamping (to indicate dates, set the mood or fill up the space)
  • Colours harmony (I don’t suggest to put too many extreme colours contrasting each other on one single spread) e.g. beige goes with brown, green goes with grey etc.


DIY postcard sample done by me (on the left). June 2019 calendar page (on the right)

Introducing to participants the five major elements and how to incorporate with each other.

Top students works! (using TSS’s watercolor postcards from one of the previous boxes)

Used AVRIL yarn to make a little “garland” on my June 2019 calendar page.

How do you like your June’s box so far?

Kenry @canrie



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