Unboxing The Stationery Selection Box for March 2018 | Video post by Skylar


In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you the posts from the design team members as well as an introduction and small snippet of who they are.  I hope you enjoy these posts and are able to gain some inspiration with what they share.  These ladies are all talented in their own ways and I'm very eager to start sharing with you their amazing work! 

So let's kick start this post with a March 2018 unboxing video from Skylar!  While you're at it, please feel free to check out her other videos as she has things from journal flip throughs to how to decorate happy mail. To learn more about Skylar, don't forget to check her introduction below the video :) 





Hello! My name is Skylar Hand, I'm a pretty simple gal with a love and passion for all things analogue and stationery. I've been in love with Japanese stationery especially since 2015 when I first started using the Midori Traveler's Notebook system - now known as Traveler's Company.  I am also an avid letter writer, I started writing letters back in 2013 with some crafty ladies I met in a Project Life Facebook group, and now I actively write to over 40 pen friends all over the world and I love it so much!

Skylar’s IG: @skylarhand

Skylar’s Youtube channel here

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