Packaging Ideas Using Stationery Goods

Hello! How is everyone going? It has been non stop since I came back from my trip to the US and to be honest with you, I don’t think I have yet recovered! Ever since, I’ve been really longing for a good long break. But there is no time for rest, May has been a very busy month for me!  Getting back to my regular routine at school, catching up on paint making, updating the shop - all happening at the same time! I am sure I am not alone, many of you can hear me here! The thing is, life is always going to be busy, that’s what it is about, right? If life is not filled-up with goals and challenges, it would be very boring! We can choose to face our ‘work’ in a sulky, rebellious way or we can just spice it up with a touch of joy as we tackle it. You may wonder why I am being so philosophical all of a sudden and sounding like a bit of a try-hard (maybe I am getting a little carried away)!  What I really want to share with you today is some of the little things I do to turn a stressful task into a joy in life. In my case, it’s packing orders


As much as I love packing, it can become stressful when all the orders come at once with a limited time-frame for shipping. I often have to work overtime to get them ready. However, I don’t really mind as I just adore the process of designing the packaging and playing with stationeries in the process! Every time I pack an order, I like to imagine what the receiver will see and feel. I like to surprise whoever receives my paints and let them know lots of care and love went into the packaging. There is definitely an art to wrapping a package, it is not all about using the best material, nor how decorative it is. You can use the most premium paper to wrap something in the most elaborate way but it could turn out to be a soulless presentation. I think a good package has to be personal and thoughtful, giving purpose to its existence. Anyway, enough philosophical talk from me! Here are some tips I would like to share with you on packing what I consider a nice package

1. Using pages from old vintage books as wrapping paper creates a good solid base for a package. Old calendars could be used as well.

    2. Japanese washi paper gives good texture to the package, adding variety and interest to the design.

    3. Using washi tape not just for sticking but as decoration. Layering with washi paper to create a collage feel. Sunny Sunday Washi Tape is just perfect for the job!

    4. Stamps are a great addition to a package. They add extra layers to the design and help to merge the existing wrapping together. I pre-stamped on some sticky labels to create my own sticker for this package (in the video below). I then date it with the Shiny Mini Dater stamp from the April box -which I think it’s pretty cute!

      5. Avril yarns are great for wrapping around any special package, they come in a great variety of colours and they are relatively inexpensive. I personally love the pom-pom one and the leafy one!

        6. Seals in both sticker or wax forms are great ‘closure’ for any package! I used the Bande Washi Roll Sticker from the April box for this package to go with the vintage Japanese collage styling!

        Here is a video to show you how I put the package together!


        I hope you will find time to try out some of these joyful packing ideas! Don’t forget to share them by #thestationeryselection. See you next time!

        Connie @pepperconarts

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