A Quiet Conversation With My Houseplants | Blog Post by Connie

Over the last term break, my husband and I started planning for our backyard and while we were brainstorming types of plants to go into the backyard, he said to me, ‘ may be we should get some indoor plants as well!’ (He regretted that suggestion now ) So, this is how it started. I began my research on plants, visited numerous nurseries, exploring and adopting different types of plants,  chasing after rare plants. Before I knew it, I now have a house full of plants in various sizes and shapes. The number is still growing and I am loving it! There are so many amazing plants out there, each of them has their own unique character and carries a specific trait in growing. I enjoy learning about them,  caring for them, admiring their natural beauty and observing their growth. It is most rewarding when I see a new leaf unroll or a flower pop open overnight! So far, I haven’t killed a single plant yet (fingers crossed!). 

I found the key to maintaining good health of all my babies is to keep a plant diary. A diary of notes on the watering schedule, soil type, light condition and most importantly my personal experience with the plant. eg. the room it likes to be in during the day. I know I sounds slightly insane, but it is working really well for me. I really enjoy my time observing my plants every day, illustrating them and taking all these notes in my Midori MD Cotton Notebook from the April box. This notebook is made with 20% cotton pulp, which means the paper is more absorbent then the regular MD- perfect for watercolour illustrations.

I started the notebook with some colour swatches to test the paper and my green palettes (using Peppercon watercolours of course ). You can see, the colours go smoothly onto the page and stay vibrant on the paper. It takes a while to dry and the paper warps a little, but that’s to be expected of paper of this thickness. Like all MD, the colour absorb well into the paper and does not come through to the next page once it has dried, which is excellent!. 

I started my diary with my favourite- Begonia Maculata - aka Angel wing. This plant has the most amazing foliage and flowers, with shimmering silver polka dots covered every single inch of the leaves. It was a pleasure to observe and draw.  The paper in this MD notebook holds the colour really well. You can see the smooth even texture and the vibrant gradient of colours shown in this illustration. I even used my handmade silver paint to create the silver dots for the leaves! I feel that I have learnt so much about this plant in the process and I truly found my inner peace in this private exchange with my plant and I will continue to do so. I have heard people say that plants can change your life! I didn’t fully believe it until now.

If you think you are a plant killer or you have never owned a plant, think again! There are so many positives and benefits a house plant can offer   You are totally missing out! If you are a plant lover like me, tell us what’s your favourite plant is by commenting below. 

So that’s it from me for now. We would love to see how you use your MD cotton notebook! Show us by #thestationeryselection on instagram.

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