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Hello! Okinawa Café for stationery lovers.

For all Japanese stationery lovers, module is a must-visit check-point if you visit Okinawa. It’s a café, a stationery-shop, and a designer furniture boutique. At there, you can find popular stationery / accessory brands like Traveler’s Company, Delfonics, Masanori Nakagawa, mt etc as well as some individual artists’ works.

One good bonus point about this place is, there’s a café at the end of the shop. So, if your company (like my husband) is not a big fan of stationery / furniture, he can still get a coffee or enjoy a meal there (oh yes! They do serve hot food!) and relax during my shopping (hunting?!) time.

I ordered their “Today’s Menu” which is an omelet rice with tuna and mayonnaise.

I ordered their “Today’s Menu” which is an omelet rice with tuna and mayonnaise.

The omelet rice I ordered came in a set with a tea, so while I’m enjoying my tea, I took out my TN planner and discussed our travel plans in the following days with my husband. It was quite a short trip with packed schedule in naha (the major city in Okinawa) as our friend’s wedding took place at the far northern part and we got to drive all the way up north and stayed there for a couple of days, yet, I’ve got so many places I want to check out and explore, so we had to plan well.

When I travel, I prefer writing postcards to letters.

First, it’s shorter to write, and as a result, less pressure.   I know it might sound silly to some of you that I sometimes get stressed out when I write to my pen pals or friends during travels. Given time is limited, and I still want to make the postcard pretty and meaningful to the receivers, or my brain just simply gets stuck for no reason, pressure builds up.

 Second, it’s easier to buy nice postcards locally. Earlier that morning, I stopped by the Central Post Office (which I believe it’s the largest in Okinawa) and purchased a couple of really beautiful postcards, some is specific to Okinawa and some is generally related to Japan.


This postcard is sent to my bestie back in Hong Kong.

Sitting at module café, I’ve got The Stationery Selection’s April Box items with me. As usual, I decorated the postcards with stamping, washi tapes and stickers before I put down words. The Chamil Garden stamp (Café C9) and the Versafine ink pad (Smokey Gray) really did a good job here as a background setting the mood of the entire card.

I’m glad it turned out to be a style that I recently became so obsessed with – geometric patterns, lines, brownish-greyish tone, simple botanical or floral stickers. 

Another postcard with florals and a light-coloured touch.

Can’t wait to use other items from the box to record my Okinawa journey in my short trip inserts! Let me share more about that in my next post. Until then, check out my instagram to see what other nice café I’ve visited!

See you!

M o d u l e

1F, 116-37 Asahimachi, Naha-shi, Okinawa, 900-0029 (2-min walk from Monorail Asahibashi Station)

MON-SAT 10:00-20:00 ; SUN 11:00-20:00 (close on first sundays of a month)


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  • Shari on

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just moved to Okinawa 3 weeks ago and I’m looking forward to finding some wonderful postcards for friends as well as stationary. I can’t wait to check out module :)

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