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I have this thing with routines - I love them :) 

It's a place of security and comfort, something I can rely on and look forward to in the day. Especially when it comes to my favorite activities when I catch a break in the day: crafting, journaling, playing at my desk - to put it in one word, creating. :) 

And what happens when I'm not feeling creative? When I don't feel that urge to sit at my desk, to grab a piece of paper and write or paint or just stick a single sticker in my planner?
At the beginning of April I kind of fell in this creative slump and it took me by surprise! 

I had all these questions in my mind: Where did it go? Will it come back? What can I do? Should I even do anything or let it be? Should I force it or give it time? What about my Hobonichi - it's dated! ( and I don't like blank pages  :D ) 
I missed my safe place, my routine, my happy desk, my journal...  while at the same time I felt not drawn to it. 

A day or two passed and I decided to pick up a pair of scissors and cut out a single flower. I told myself to do this one, almost automatic task. Not a creative one at all, but a task related to my creativity. Moments later my weekly spread was finished and I was already starting to decorate future pages in my Hobonichi. I got my groove back, I was so relieved!   :D 

But the thing is, I'm not sure there's a single valid recipe to follow when it comes to periods of facing  "non creative" times or times away from journaling. 
Some say to seek inspiration and some to let it be. And I think they are both right! 

Maybe it's all part of the experience? Maybe I needed time away to do different things, as a friend said, and that one statement instantly spoke to me. And when I was done with that, I felt that urge again - creative juices started flowing and inspiration came back. I had to step away from the desk to want to come back to it. :) 

So I think it's OK for me to create almost every day now. Goes well with my Hobonichi, right? ;) 

And if someone could teach me not to be afraid of blank pages in my journals too, that would be awesome! :D

So to end my creative slump, I made a little video of the pages I decorated in my Hobonichi for future journaling. 
Feel free to take a peek and create with me. 
If you're feeling it today  ;)  

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