DIY Paper Ephemera Holder Using February 2020 Stationery Box | Guest DT: Katrin

Hello, my name is Katrin. I think you can call me a paper addict. Paper and stationery is fascinating to me since I'm a little child. As I don't have access to stationery (Hooray for The Stationery Selection Box!) where I'm living, I've started becoming creative with the items I have and put them to a new use. For example, I always keep paper scraps when cutting out stuff and reuse them for memo taking instead of buying memo pads. When I received my The Stationery Selection box this month and I saw that fan card in it, I had the idea making myself a memo paper holder.

If you would like to make on for yourself, just keep reading for the instructions. Sadly I’m a bad regisseur and video filmer, ahahah. But hopefully the pics will also make it clear how I did it. Do you practice "upcycling" too? Please let us know in the comment section.

What you will need:


-thin ruler or flat knife



-leftover papers

-pencil, eventually an eraser

-bits and bobs for decorating the insert


At first carefully open the envelope on both sides and fold it closed in half. Make sure using the flap as the guideline for the fold, not the sides as they are not even.


Cut along the blue marked lines.

At the top cut along the green line to have a nice straight right flap. On the base we don't need to do that because we will glue down the card pieces there.

If you like to have a pocket in your memo pad, put glue on the edges of the left piece. (marked in red) 

To make the back of the memo pad more sturdy, glue the huge piece down in the middle (marked in yellow)

Now lets prepare the card.

Cut it in 3 pieces like shown. We will need all 3 pieces.

Cut along the blue marked lines.

Make sure you don't cut too much into the right fan (C). It should be 3 cm left from the fan, not cut.

Fold the piece from the middle part in a half (red dotted line) (B).


The left and the right fan piece we will need for the closure of the memo pad. We will glue them down on the left and right flap. I did this on the bottom but you can also place them in the middle, if you like. Just make sure you don't add glue to the overlapping pieces and that you place them that they slide well into each other.


Tip: Place your flaps as you would like to glue them down, fix them with a paperclip and turn the folder around. Mark the overlapping pieces with a pencil (blue line), so you know exactly where to put the glue. Make sure to put the glue till the edges to make the closing and sliding smooth.

Put also glue on the middle piece. Make sure to put just a small strip of glue (marked green) to the piece that will be on the inside of the folder (B). So you can slide in your stapled paper later easily.

Now decorate your memo pad if you like and have fun with it.
If you have any problems with the tutorial, please don't hesitate to drop me a DM on IG (@katrinsizu). And of course we would love seeing your creations

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