Interchanging the pen body - Platinum Desk Pen + Preppy | March 2021 Stationery Box

Hello! I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share with you this fun and easy hack that a lovely subscriber, Jenine. emailed to me.  She was having difficulty using the Platinum Desk Pen that was included in March's box due to the long body.  So she showed me this fun hack that you could use to make your Platinum desk pen more carry-friendly.  She took her Platinum Preppy pen that was included in a box months ago and decided to interchange them. 

Here are some step by step photos below:

First, unscrew all of the parts from the Platinum Preppy and Desk Pen. (Keep the cartridge in) In the photo below, you see your Platinum preppy on top and the desk pen on the bottom

Next, take the nib+cartridge unit and switch them around

 Then take the body from the Platinum Preppy and screw it onto the nib+cartridge unit from the desk pen.

 I was so pleasantly surprised to see the caps are also interchangeable too! 


Ta-da! Here is the final look at it. I must say, I really enjoy the look of this pen with the gold trim and nib peeking though the clear cap.  

Another big huge thank you and shout-out to Jenine for letting me know of this hack, I am so glad that I can now carry this desk pen out and about with my planner.  If you would like to check her out or tag her, her instagram is @jsbutterflydesigns  

If you are interested in taking a look at March's 2021 stationery box, please feel free watch the video below. It is time-stamped so if you want to skip certain parts, you can :)

The March 2021 stationery box is still available for purchase, they are currently on sale here. 

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  • Kate B on

    This is a fantastic hack. BUT…. it doesn’t work on the older version of the Platinum Carbon Desk pen. I have one from several years ago and it’s too large to attach to the Preppy.

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