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When was the last time you’ve received letter? And I’m not talking about a bill or an ad! ;)
Every time I receive a letter from one of my penpals or swap friends, it feels like a little party in my mailbox. It’s such a magical experience: Opening the letter full of excitement, going through every little detail the sender created just for you. Just like an analog hug, which has travelled far to get to you. :)
The centerpiece of a happy mail is of course the letter. All the love and personal thoughts are put into it…. In this fast digital age it’s truly meditative to take time to write and read a letter! 
Besides writing the actual letter I love to include little extras and small gifts to a happy mail. There are so many different ideas of what to add. I never send exactly the same and always try to find things the recipient likes in particular. I love to send tea bags (especially in this season), chocolate, paper goods, sticky notes, washi or yarn samples, stamps as well as handmade things like notebooks, stickers, journaling cards. I’ve even sent out little plant cuttings a couple of times. :) You see, there are no limits here!
I really appreciate that Mits includes so many supplies for letter writing in the Stationery boxes. This time this beautiful notebook, as well as the cute little notepad.
 Letter paper from this month's and former boxes
I love to wrap letters inside a happy mail, for instance put it into a handmade envelope. The first time I saw the glassine wrapping paper in this month’s box I knew it would be perfect for little envelopes. A tag that says „letter“ makes it extra cute. :) 
 Who doesnt like cute wrappings? - I love to put the letter into a handmade envelope.
The glassine paper is also perfect for origami! My favorite origami is still the good old crane. :) But adding a seasonal origami is also a nice idea.
Small notepad papers are perfect for short notes in happy mails.
The small notepad is perfect to add an extra note to a happy mail. I folded the little note in the classic origami way. It's super simple and easy to fold.
The letter folded in the classic origami way and decorated with the hand stamp.
 My absolute favorite item in this box is the hand stamp from Knoop Works. As I carve my own stamps, I don't buy many stamps, so the ones I’ve purchased are very precious to me and I love to use them for various purposes. The hand stamp is so versatile to use: At the end of the letter, on a tag or label, on an envelope, for stickers…
Handmade stickers - put into a separate envelope.
Wrapped a little gift with the gorgeous glassine paper and added a little tag. 
Next year I'll definitely use calendar pages of the gorgeous calendar in my snail mails as well. For instance on the envelope to mark the date I sent out the letter. Or on the writing paper. Or to wrap a little gift. Or to just add as a gift. But for now I’ll just leave it on my desk and adore it until the new year starts! :)
The finished happy mail.
Hopefully with this blog post I gave you a little inspiration to write a letter to someone! This is the perfect season for writing letters. Make someone a little joy by sending something, I know it’ll be very appreciated! Who would you like to write a letter to? Do you have penpals you write to on a regular basis? What is your favorite extra to add to a letter? :)
One of my latest happy mails. So in love with the hand stamp!
Please share your creations with the hashtag #thestationeryselection! I would love to see them!

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