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... the year, the memories, the 2018 resolutions... We're coming to the year's end and wrapping up all the adventures we had along the way.  
But, as the gifting season is upon us, we'll also be wrapping up the carefully selected tokens of affection for our loved ones. :) 
And I see that as an amazing opportunity to practice creativity and explore all the ways we can all use our stationery supplies. If you're here and reading this blog post, you have some lovely stationery supplies laying around, I'm sure! :D
Gift wrapping has been one of my favorite, relaxing things to do for some time now. 
I find that if I allow myself some freedom of expression and try to use things maybe not initially intended for gift wrapping, I have so much fun doing it! :)
So, the thing I found is that I rarely use the usual wrapping papers you find at the gift wrapping aisle. 
Interesting letter writing papers, patterned note pads, handmade papers with different textures or vintage papers are the things I prefer lately. 
I love to pair them with some colorful washi, preferably add some stamping on top to get a pattern or a design, maybe glue on some pressed flowers, add some string and finish it off with a wax seal. :)
The other thing I enjoy using are little paper bags for small gifts. If it's a waxed paper bag, all the better! It has gorgeous texture and layering embellishments on top yields lovely results :)
But, the most important thing to remember is there are no rules! :) 
It's a festive season, let's be festive! :D
Bring out all the supplies, have fun, use color, add stuff, add to much stuff and, again, have fun! :)
So with these little tips I found work best for me, I hope this season brings you lots of joy and gift wrapping becomes an amazing crafty project. :) 
Please share your lovely gift wrapping works with us and tag #thestationeryselection so we can all enjoy them and be inspired!  :) 
Until next time, 

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