Travel with my Delfonics Utility Pouch to Okinawa | Blog Post by Kenry

Just a few months ago, I was talking to my planner bestie about this Delfonics pouch and how we can get one from Japan and surprise! It was on the sneak peek on The Stationery Selection instagram story this March, and so I waited… (eagerly…)

 A couple of weeks later, it arrived at my studio! My Delfonics Inner Carrying Pouch (small – 195*142*55mm) is in mustard-yellow, which is one of the trendiest colours in 2018.

It has a total of 11 pockets (8 exterior and 3 interior). Either a hobonichi techo in A6 size or traveler’s notebook passport can perfectly fit into the largest zipper-pocket, whereas I can still fit in other journaling essentials like pens, paper bits, washi etc in other pockets. So it surely is a handy to-go pouch for a special journal meet-up or a daily outing.

 For my upcoming 5-day-trip to Okinawa, I am using it as a stationery supplies pouch, together with my traveler’s notebook regular in olive, a sticker sheets file and a box of stamps. When I travel, there might not always be enough time for me to journal so I normally make some quick notes and catch up a bit later. But one thing for sure on my to-do-list is sending postcards / letters, so here are the things I usually bring along with me.

 Must have items during travels

  1. Washi samples or kitta seal – just need them anytime, anywhere
  2. Kokuyo Dotliner tape runner  - you’ll never know when you need one!
  3. Postcards – just in case I couldn’t find any postcards locally, I still got something to send to myself or friends
  4. Watercolour palette – I might do some quick sketches or painting at a café or back at the hotel
  5. Ink pads simply I love stamping on postcards!
  6. Watercolour brushes, fountain pens, pencils, drawing pens, etc – basically half of them are from the Stationery Selection boxes! Too useful, can’t help!


I am really surprised how much I can actually stuff in this small pouch, without making it too bulky to carry.  So, here are my “Fantastic Fours” which flying to Okinawa with me soon in April, for my bff’s  wedding ceremony.  In my next post, I may be showing more about my trip how about a journaling x Okinawa café tour post? ...!

If you haven’t already checked out the March Box of The Stationery Selection on instagram, here’s a snap! Enjoy and see you soon!



Hi, I’m Kenry. I’m a baker and food stylist based in Hong Kong .  I often use photo stickers (photos I took myself), watercolour, and stamps to journal. One big reason for me to journal is to capture my bakery goodies (products) and any related events on papers in another art form. My journalling style is simplistic, functional and photogenic. I normally journal my work life (what I named as #spkbakingdaily) and personal life in different journals (traveler’s notebook & hobonichi).

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  • Linda in Aus on

    Would love to se a journaling/Okinawa cafe post. Enjoy your holiday.

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