Traveler's Notebook Olive Edition Setup & Finished Weekly Insert Flip Through | Blog Post by Petra

Hi everyone! 

I just finished my weekly insert which is a hybrid of a planner, memory keeping and creative journaling notebook. Yay! :D 
I also switched up my current TN setup so I wanted to share bits of that with all of you in a video :) 

This is quite a long/chatty video (and I was so nervous filming and speaking in a foreign language for the first time, haha!) so feel free to skip to 3:40 where the actual flip trough begins and fast forward is you're here just for the visual part ;) 

You can also take a peek at my IG account because that's where I share my spreads every week and other creative and stationery related adventures. :) 
Thanks so much for reading trough and watching my newest video! ☺

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  • Linda in Aus on

    Beautiful journal Petra, love your accent, your English was perfect.

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