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Planner season is in full bloom and 2019 is around the corner. I believe that this is the most stressful time for us planner aficionados. This is the time where we reflect on our current system, finalize our planner system for the following year, start ordering our planners and hope that we don’t see any other planner that might tempt us into buying more that we probably won’t use.

One planner that I wanted to add to my line up for next year was a content creator planner. I want to be able to schedule Instagram posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, and even time to create content for various platforms. While browsing through the Midori website, I saw that they were adding a new planner to their line up – the MD Diary A5 Thin with monthly overview and grid pages. I thought that this planner would be perfect use as content creator planner, as well as use to write down ideas for social media posts. Once I saw the October Box sneak peek for The Stationery Selection Box, I knew not to order the planner because it was going to be included in the upcoming box. (Btw, Mits has a really good way to reading our minds and curating the perfect stationery box! Don’t you agree?)

Since I couldn’t wait for December, I went ahead and started thinking about my posting schedule. For example, I like to post my weekly spreads on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. This is because Mondays can be a bit busy with work, so I don’t like to scramble and post on Mondays. So the ideal day for me to post my Traveler’s Notebook weekly spreads would be on Tuesdays and my MD Diary weekly spreads on Wednesday. I also scheduled days when I wanted to film videos and blog posts.

The extra space in this planner is perfect for quick notes or doodles. On the top right-hand side of the December page, I added some hashtags that I want to try out, such as #tntuesdays #weeklywednesdays or #functionalfridays. I think it would be a fun way to show how I’m using my TN, weekly planner or functional planner, respectively.

Instead of using the Nishi Shuku letter set to write an actual letter to a friend, I decided to cut out some of the trees and add it to the bottom of my December page. The trees reminded me of Christmas Trees and they fit in so perfectly.

For December 3rd, I am scheduling to film my 2019 system. I also noted down what planners I will be using next year so that I don’t forget to include all of them in the video. I used the Petit Deco Rush to highlight my bullet points and to add some color to the page. The Petit Deco Rush is compact and can fit in most of my pencil cases, which is perfect when bringing to work or when you’re at a coffee shop. I added some stickers to the page using the Midori Sticker Marche sticker sheet. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is a signature style I’ve come to love.

Since there is only one ribbon bookmark included in the MD Diary A5 Thin planner, I decided to make a couple of my own origami bookmarks using the washi square papers from Awagami Paper’s Collection. I love how I received the red/pink set! This origami bookmark is secure, and I haven’t lost it yet while I carry around my planner in my backpack or by hand. There are lots of different ways to make an origami bookmark. I made a crane bookmark and a regular triangle. Please feel free to search “origami bookmark” on Google or YouTube if you’re interested.

As mentioned earlier, the grid pages in the back of the MD Diary A5 Thin will be used for ideas and notes. For my #favoritesfridays, I was thinking of showcasing my favorite stationery items, or even tea! As always, the possibilities are endless, and I believe that this planner can take you places. A friend of mine decided that she will be using hers as a road trip planner for 2019! It will definitely take her places.

Here is what my complete 2019 analogue system looks like and what I will use them for:

For my 2019 functional planner system, I will continue with my current system.

  • Hobonichi Weeks – bills, important events, budget system and expenses.
  • Jibun Techo – time block scheduling, to-do list, meal tracker, habit tracker.
  • Hobonichi Cousin – birthdays, productivity review and morning pages.
  • MD Diary A5 Thin – social media planning and posting schedule + notes.

For my 2019 creative planner system,

  • Traveler’s Notebook – creative planning and brain dump in the horizontal weekly.
  • MD Diary in B6 – monthly overview, happy mail tracker and daily journal.

Have you thought about your planner system for 2019? Will you be adding the MD Diary A5 Thin in your set up? I’d love to see how you use the MD Diary A5 Thin in 2019 and where it will take you!

xo, Mia @mydecoratedmess

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  • irms on

    hi Mia, thank you for sharing! inspired by your blog, next year i’ll use these,

    MD diary 1D1P – daily (keepsakes)
    MD A5 thin – creative content (freelance project, social media, track my stationery shopping, incoming & outgoing package)
    TN passport size weekly & monthly insert – highlight of the day
    MD A6 cotton – sketch book
    to do list diary – office stuff

    :) can’t wait 2019 to start!

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