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Every time family visits from the mainland or continental United States, hiking the iconic Diamond Head is almost always obligatory unless a new hike is introduced to them. I can’t count how many times I have hiked Diamond Head Crater Trail or merely I can’t remember how many times I have hiked the trail since the first hiking field trip I did back in fifth grade in Elementary School. My hiking adventures tripled in middle school when my cousin and I joined the Hiking Club, and it continued to grow over the course of my high school and university years. Today, I still continue to search for new hiking trails or simply stumble upon a new one while exploring another trail. 

In order to keep track of the hikes that I have done and the trails that I want to venture off to, I decided to use the Ro-Biki Note notebook that came in the September Box. Not only was it the perfect size to take on hikes for additional notes, the topographical map cover was very fitting for hiking adventures, and my geology background.

For each hiking trail, I write down the name of the hike and the city or island that it is located in. I also add the hours of when the hiking trail is open or when it is accessible, and any other information such as an entrance fee or if you need permits to access it. Below the important information, I draw a map of the hiking trail and where one can find a comfort station, if available.

In order for me to quickly find a specific hiking trail that I’m looking for, I use the masté writable washi tape as page tabs and write down the name of the hiking trail. I also write down the difficulty of the hike, in order to better prepare myself and others on what to expect from the hiking trip. The masté writable washi works well with all types of pens, even fountain pens!

After the hike, I add in photos, and fun facts about the hiking trail. Did you know that Diamond Head got its name because 19th century British sailors thought they discovered diamonds at the base of the volcano? (And yes, Diamond Head was once an active volcano). The “diamonds” turned out to be shiny calcite crystals. Another fun fact about Diamond Head is that it looks like the brow of a tuna, especially when viewed from the side. Its Hawaiian name is Lēʻahi, lē means browbone and `ahi means tuna fish, which translate to “the brow of the tuna or ʻahi.”

When I go on hiking adventures, I always bring first aid supplies, a compact scissor, and some journaling supplies in case I want to note something down while we’re taking a break. The Delfonics double zipper pen case holds all of my journaling and first aid supplies, which includes pens, stickers, band-aids, antiseptic, and pain killers. It is also compact and flat enough to throw into my small backpack that I use for hiking.

One thing I love about the curated pieces in The Stationery Selection Box is the many ways you can use one item. The Ro-Biki Note doesn’t have to be used as a journal; use it to sketch your favorite items, or even use it plan your next hiking trip. The Delfonics double zipper pencil case doesn’t have to be used as a pencil case, instead use it as a first aid kit or even a make-up bag for your next trip! The possibilities are endless!

I would love to see how you’re using your Ro-Biki Note, Delfonics double zipper pencil case or the other items that is curated by Mits for The Stationery Selection. Please don’t forget to share how you’re using these wonderful products!

Have fun on your next adventure!

xo, Mia @mydecoratedmess

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  • Ashley on

    I’m in love with this. The design in it is soo good!! Just wanted to tell you how much I loved the trail drawings 😍

  • Ashley on

    I’m in love with this. The design in it is soo good!! Just wanted to tell you how much I loved the trail drawings 😍

  • Michelle on

    What great ideas Mia. We love to hike, but I can also see using this for cross-country ski trails, downhill ski resorts and more. Never having used Washi tape, good idea re: the tabs. Super helpful blog post! #psyched #storytellingideas

  • Maeve on

    Could you tell us what some of the other supplies in the blog photos are?

    Loved your review!

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