Creating a Journal using the supplies from March's Box | Post by Katrin Sizu

I hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods. I am here to bring you some happy news! I would like to introduce to you, Katrin @katrinsizu. You may recognize her lovely creative creations on social media.  I always appreciate her thinking outside of the box and her eye for re-using packaging to create things.  
Here is a junk journal tutorial she created using the items from March`s box!
The box is from Classiky that housed the dish:
I made the middle part (spine) more sturdy by gluing down the `ears` and a tiny piece of cardstock. It is important to have a sturdy spine since we will be wrapping the yarn later.
I found the two papers that were bigger in size and used that for the cover
I took some other papers from the emoji paper pack and used those papers to line the inside of the cover and the spine.
Then I took some white papers and combined them with the papers from the paper pack. I split them into two categories: one for the signatures (ie. paper for the journal), and one for decorations.
Then I wrapped the yarn around the spine, designating two strings for each signature.  To fix the strings and to tighten them, I made a knot in the middle. Then I re-arranged the yarn into three sections on the inside.
Now you can slip the signatures through the string.  The signatures are not stapled or stitched, allowing you to remove or add pages as you see fit.
Here is a quick video flip through of my completed junk journal.
Thank you so much!


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  • Linda on

    This is so beautiful. Wish I kept the box Thanks for the tutorial.

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