Japan Post Update - Mail Suspension of International Mail to the United States

April 24, 2020


I hope you are doing well.

There has been an update by Japan Post, unfortunately only in Japanese at this time, but please read the automated English translated version here: 

"We have just been informed of the significant delay in the delivery of international mail to the United States due to the flight reduction and suspension of aircraft due to the global spread of new coronavirus infections.

We have made every possible effort to ship promptly in cooperation with airlines and the United States Postal Service.However, due to the drastic reduction in the number of flights and suspension of aircraft, the shipping capacity has decreased significantly. I have no idea what to send for some international mail.

Therefore, from April 24 (Friday) onwards, we will temporarily stop accepting the following international mail items * addressed to the United States.

...Substantial delays are expected for postal items that we continue to accept.

The items of mail we have accepted up to now will be shipped sequentially by the remaining air mail.However, for example, for EMS items of mail, it may take up to 4 months to ship the items with the current shipping volume."

For more information, please visit Japan Post's website (In Japanese): 


We are all trying our best during this difficult time and greatly appreciate your patience and support.. please stay safe, please stay positive,

Mits & Family

Updated version in English: 




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  • IRis TOkioka on

    Thank you for the update Mits. The mail delay can not be helped. Take care of yourself and your family. Iris

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