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It’s been three months since I last shared anything stationery with you. The world we once knew has changed so much in this short period of time and most of us are affected in small or big ways. For me, one of the biggest changes is that I’ve had to work from home in the last two months. Like many, I feel that our lives will never be the same ever again. At the beginning of the lockdown, I was very positive, telling myself that at least I get to work on my beautiful desk and use my pretty stationery all day. But the positive feeling and motivation has slowly worn off over time. The long hours on my desk mean that I want to stay clear of it after I finish work. I have tried to journal every day, but there is simply very little to write about if you are at home all day, and there’s hardly any other news apart from virus news on the TV. I used to receive lots of mail from friends and stationery shops, but it all came to a stop. I can see my passion for journaling has gradually deteriorated day by day. When I received the box from The Stationery Selection - I cannot contain my excitement!

The first thing that caught my eye in the April box is the ’Inspriation’ stamp from Liberty hk. I own a good collection of Che Che’s stamps and I adore them. This stamp has immediately sparked an idea in my head! I am determined to get myself back on track with my creative journaling through an inspiration project. So, here is what I did!

  1. I used a set of pastel coloured brush pens (Rushon Petite) to freehand draw some circular shapes on a spread to loosen up myself and as a first attempt to reconnect myself with the traveler’s notebook that I have neglected for 2 months ;) 
  2. In each circle, I wrote down random things I like or am interested in as prompts for my inspiration project.  I drew about 15 circles on each page which is a good amount to start this project in my opinion.
  3. Once this was set up, I looked through the list and chose a prompt I want to start creating with on my next spread. It could be creative writing, quotes, drawing/ painting, snapshots, collages or anything like that. You don’t have to complete the prompts in sequence, just choose the one that inspires you on the day. 
  4. Once I complete a prompt or a spread, I will use my date stamp ( Shiny Mini Dater) to mark it off on the list. It is a very satisfying feeling!

On the day I started this project, I was so eager that I worked through 3 prompts within 2 hours! Which was a total surprise! I started with my first prompt ‘leaves’ and created a contour drawing of the fallen leaves I collected on my walk. I found having some found objects on a spread is quite refreshing! Then I moved onto the second prompt ‘colour’ and painted a circle of colours using my very own latest colour palette and a quote from Paul Klee. It is a mesmerising process to blend the colours together. My ideas keep on flowing so I kept going and painted a mushroom I saw in my neighbours’ garden on a third spread. I had a lot of fun following the prompts and felt very satisfied after a long drought of creative ideas. I also love stamping the date when I complete a spread!

I think this inspiration project is going to keep me motivated for a while. I feel excited to work on my travelers’ notebook again and I feel that this is allowing me to express myself more freely and there is less limitation to what I can do for each spread!

If you don’t want to come up with your own prompts, there are many creative prompts you can find online as well.

I hope you will find this inspiration project an exciting experience! Please share with us on IG by #thestationeryselection. I cannot wait to see what everyone is creating! I am always on a look out for good inspiration for my next project

Stay safe! Stay positive!





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  • Jamie Fidler on

    Wonderful post! For me, in this crazy time, I have found my journaling has changed but not stopped…my journal has become a lot more personal with more writing than art lately, so not sharing it much on IG but it is still an extremely satisfying and vital part of my life…

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