September's Stationery Box Items

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Hello! My apologies as this post has been delayed! If you follow us on instagram @thestationeryselection you would have seen a bit of a sneak peek for November's box though -- go take a look! In the meantime, here's a glance at the items that were included in September's box.

With the boxes, we always try to include items that are harder to find in your area as well as introduce new stationery items that may not be available where you are. In this month's box, we included new pen colours that were just released several months ago here in Japan :) Please feel free to take a look at the video to see how I end up using some of the items from the box. I must say, I really love using the multi-size circle stickers from Classiky. I love how they're already scored in the back so that they're easy to use.  Do you have a favourite item from this month's box? We love interacting with you and learning about various ways you use your stationery items ; please reach out by tagging us on social media @thestationeryselection #thestationeryselection :)

We hope you enjoyed this month and can't wait for you to enjoy October's! 

xoxo mits & family

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